Caips note service is an online space that remotely provides access to personal documents and records which are submitted. If your Canada Visa has been rejected, then Caips note service helps you to find the exact and detailed reasons behind the refusal. It is highly recommended to use it before you reapply. When your Canada visa got rejected or you want to know the exact reasons for your visa refusal or your visa application is under processing and you want to check the status then you should apply caips notes. It will help you understand your mistakes and you will increase your visa chances with its help.


  • The reason if an application is rejected 
  • Immigration Officer remarks on your profile 
  •  Access copy of your file 
  • Access copy of your immigration status 
  • Temporary Visa Applications – Study, Visitor, Work 
  • Permanent Visa Applications – Economic, Entrepreneur, Family Sponsorship, Refugees Express Entry Profile 
  • Medical Record 
  • Landing Record 
  • Permanent Residence Card (PR) 
  • Status of a submitted file

Processing time: It may vary depending on the workload at the CIC office in Ottawa that deals with CAIPS requests. Usually, they have up to 30 working days to respond, but in practice, most files return in about 5-6 weeks at present. 

After your visa interview, though, CAIPS notes are valuable if you are rejected and are going to appeal because you can see the ‘transcript’ of the interview and the reasons the visa officer gave for rejecting the application.