Federal Skilled Worker Program

A foreign country always fills the vacancies in their labour market by hiring skilled, efficient and qualified candidates. Likewise, Canada always picks the educated, adaptable and extraordinary candidates to maintain their economic standard and quality of services. The best thing about this program is that, A huge amount of desirable candidates can turn out to be the permanent resident of Canada and in a very short span of time. It is probably the easiest and most convenient way for a foreigner who desires to settle in Canada.

It is a points-based system. Canada is one of the first countries to introduce points based system back in 1967. It is also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The score is calculated on the basis of:

  • Age
  • Language proficiency (IELTS, CELPIP, TEF) Score
  • Education
  • Spouse – Education and language ability

Another 600 points if you have a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and 50 points if you have a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Also, the occupation should be in NOC 0, A or B for pertaining under the Federal Skilled Worker program through Express Entry.

In order to apply for an express entry stream you need to have minimum of 67 points out 100, The points are calculated on:

 Bonjour and Hello!

English and French are really important. Language ability of the candidate will be analyzed by approved tests such as the Canadian Language Benchmarks test (English or the Niveaux de competence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) for French.

This is divided into four categories: Writing, reading, listening and speaking.

First official languageSpeakingListeningReading
CLB level 9 or higher666
CLB level 8555
CLB level 7444

Young? You’re lucky!

Age seems to be an important factor as far as the points are concerned. As age goes up, the points go down. The younger you are, the higher the points. There are no points given if you are 47 years or older. Candidate’s age on the submission date of application is taken.

Under 180
18-35 years12
36 years11
37 years10
38 years9
39 years8
40 years7
41 years6
42 years5
43 years4
44 years3
45 years2
46 years1
47 and older0

Work experience

Work experience is a very good factor which can really shoot up your FSWP points. A total of 15 points is awarded for candidates with 6 year or more work experience.

Experience           Maximum 15 points
1 year                                                 9
2-3 years                                                11
4-5 years                                                13
6 or more years                                                15

Great knowledge, great points!

Educational qualifications not only increase the points; it also helps you out to get good recognition in a foreign country.

Doctoral (PhD) level25
Master’s level OR an entry-to-practice professional degree. CIC only accepts as an entry-to-practice professional degree, those degrees issued in relation to an occupation listed at NOC Skill level A and for which licensing by a provincial regulatory body is required,23
Two or more post-secondary program credentials and at least one of these credentials is for the completion of a post-secondary program of three years or longer22
Post-Secondary program credential of three years or longer21
Two year post-secondary program credential19
One-year post-secondary program credential15
Secondary school (also called high school)5


Prove that you can get settled in Canada easily. Wondering how? The factors are listed below:

Your accompanying spouse or common-law partner’s level of language proficiency in either English or French is at the CLB 4 level or higher in all four language abilities (speaking, listening, reading and writing)5
Relatives in Canada – Parents, Grandparents, Child, Grandchild, Brother/Sister, Aunt/Uncle or Niece/Nephew, who are 18 years of age or older as on the date we receive your application, and who are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident residing in Canada.5
Arranged employment in CanadaYou earned points for having arranged employment.5
Previous study in Canada by the applicant or by the spouse.

Your spouse or common-law partner completed at least 2 academic years of full-time study (in a program at least 2 years long) at a secondary or post-secondary school in Canada.

Full-time study means at least 15 hours of classes per week, and your spouse or partner must have stayed in good academic standing (as set out by the school) during that time.

Previous work experience of the candidate in Canada10
Previous work in Canada by spouse or common law partner5

Funds required:

Number of family MembersFunds required in CAD
1                  $12,960
2                  $16,135
3                  $19,836
4                  $24,083
5                  $27,315
6                  $30,806
7                  $34,299
For each additional family member$3,492