Canadian citizenship offers many benefits: global mobility for hassle-free travel, top-tier social benefits like health care and education, a stable and safe environment, economic prosperity, voting rights, and inclusion in Canada’s diverse and welcoming society. Canadian nationals possess both entitlements and obligations that reflect the country’s common heritage, identity, and principles and are safeguarded by the laws of Canada. No wonder Canada is a haven for all those who seek a high quality of life.





  1. Be a Permanent Residence of Canada
  2. Be physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days (3 years) during the last five years
  3. File taxes in Canada for at least three years
  4. Prove language skills
  5. Take the citizenship test
  6. Take the oath of citizenship


How to Apply:

It is an online application that you can submit through your GC account.

  1. Gather documents
  2. Complete the forms
  3. Pay the fee






Processing Time