Super Visa


A super visa allows you to pay extended visits to your children or grandchildren, spanning up to 5 years per visit. It grants you the flexibility of multiple entries within a 10-year timeframe. Meeting specific criteria, such as obtaining medical insurance, is essential for eligibility. You must apply for a super visa from outside Canada.


  • Extended Stays:Super Visa holders can stay in Canada for up to five years without visa renewals, allowing for more extended and meaningful visits with Canadian family members.
  • Multiple Entries:Super Visa holders can make multiple entries into Canada during the visa's validity period of up to 10 years, providing flexibility for travel between Canada and their home country.
  • Access to Healthcare:Super Visa holders are eligible for Canadian healthcare coverage, ensuring access to high-quality medical services during their stay.
  • Family Reunification:This visa facilitates family reunification by allowing parents and grandparents to spend significant time with their children and grandchildren in Canada.
  • Faster Processing:The Super Visa application process typically has faster processing times compared to other immigration options for parents and grandparents, allowing for quicker reunification with family members in Canada.
  • No Sponsorship Required:Unlike other family sponsorship programs, the Super Visa does not require the sponsor in Canada to sign any undertakings, making it possible for many Canadian citizens and permanent residents to apply for it.
  • Enhanced Family Support:Parents and grandparents can provide emotional, financial, and caregiving support to their family members in Canada, contributing to their well-being and stability.
  • Opportunity to Explore Canada:Super Visa holders can explore Canada's diverse culture, natural beauty, and attractions during their extended visits, enriching their travel experience.


  • Invitation letter signed by your child or grandchild, mentioning specific details
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Financial support document from your child or grandchild. They must meet the minimum necessary income.

Documents Required

  • Letter of invitation
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Proof that Child or Grandchild meets low-income cut-off minimum (LICO)
  • Proof of Relationship
  • Immigration medical exam
  • Account statement
  • Employer information
  • Identity document
  • Use of a representative (IMM 5476)
  • Family information (IMM 5645)

How to Apply

  • Gather Documents
  • Fill out online forms.
  • Submit on the IRCC portal.

Processing Time

  • 53 Days (as of September 22, 2023)

It also depends on the country where you are applying from.

You can use this link to check processing time:

Application Fee

  • Application fee: CAD100
  • Biometric fee: CAD85