Refugee Claim

Canada has been doing its best to provide refugee protection. Some people sense a certain kind of danger if they had to leave Canada. Refugee claim will help you stress out of all such fears. So if you’re a person who feels that your life would be in danger after going back to your native country, you can seek protection in Canada as a refugee. 

The procedure can be quite stressful, but our experienced professional will guide you through all the steps and requirements which will make the work much easier. There are a lot more details on refugee claim as you scroll down. 

Eligibility information: 

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is the board that handles all the immigration and refugee matters. It is an independent body and they decides who is a Convention refugee or Person in need of protection. 

Who is a Convention refugee and Person in need of protection?

Convention refugees are the people who stay outside their home country and are not able to return to their home country because of certain fears. The reason maybe anything like religion, political opinion, social groups or race. On the other hand a person in need of protection is a person who is currently staying in Canada who does not wish to return to their native country. It might be due to the possibilities like tortures, punishments or any sort of risks that follows once they land in their home country.

You cannot claim refugee protection if you:

  • Are under a removal order.
  • Arrived via the Canada-United States of America border.
  • Already made a refugee claim in the past which was not found eligible or which was rejected by IRB.
  • Abandoned or withdrew a previous refugee claim.
  • Are not eligible to enter the borders of Canada due to any criminal record.
  • Are marked as a convention refugee by any other country to which you can return to. 

If your refugee claim gets rejected by IRB, you will have to leave Canada, but you can appeal on the decision made by IRB. The licensed professionals at KGraph will make sure all the options put forward regarding the process. Once the IRB accepts your refugee claim, then you can apply for Permanent residential status of Canada.

Important documents to be submitted:

  • A valid passport
  • Travel documents
  • Birth certificate
  • Valid identity cards
  • Baptismal record
  • School certificates (as proof of ID)
  • Marriage certificate (as a proof of relationship)
  • Political or social organization membership card


This scheme is completely for foreign nationals, who fear persecution. Persecution can be explained as such things like threats, torture, or imprisonment by the government, or other non-government agents. A person making a refugee claim must also convince the authorities that there is no internal flight alternative. Which means that the person does not have a safe place within his/her home country where they could get to and live safely from the dangers they are facing. You can make a refugee claim by speaking to an immigration officer inside Canada (inland claim) or at the Port of Entry (POE claim). POE claim is made at Canada Services Agency (CBSA) upon arrival at land border crossing, airport or seaport. If you arrive in Canada through The United States of America, you may need to consider the Safe Third Country Agreement. It was made between USA and Canada. The only exception given at this point is when you have your family or relatives residing in Canada. Be sure to keep that in mind while applying for the same at USA-Canada border.

KGraph Immigration Consultancy will always guide you with the steps and procedures regarding refugee claim. We have been helping our clients with utmost responsibility and transparency. Our licensed immigration consultants will give you all the detailed information about the same, and follow-up will be made from time to time. We will make sure that all the aspects of your claim are valid and legitimate. Canada is a safe place, and your safety is our priority.